Experience the quality life at Ambika City, Thane Wada Road - by Karnani Group


At Ambika city, you will experience the quality of life with the quality of design. Karnani group has designed each apartment with extreme precision so that they can deliver the finest at affordable prices. These aesthetic apartments are designed with stability to nurture long time comfort. The mesmerizing green ambiance gives a relaxed atmosphere and a positive environment coupled with the convenience of everything, just around the corner.

Location Icon 66 acres

Integrated township

Amenities Icon 53+


Urban Building Towers Icon 20+

Story Towers


The soothing environment and rejuvenating surroundings are what make the location of Ambika City, worth spending time at. Here, the greenery and the trees are just as much your neighbors, as your next door family is. The location of this apartment complex is appropriate for your convenience. The congeniality of this place is very peaceful and tranquil. It is at a distance that allows easy connectivity and yet lets you breathe in cleaner air and live a happier life.

Line Graph Icon 30 mins


Line Graph Icon 30 mins


Railway Station Icon 15 mins

Railway Station


Ambika city offers you an affordable 1bhk without having to compromise on your comfort or your budget. The apartment has a fine design with a spacious bedroom, luxurious kitchen, washroom, bathroom, and a warm and welcoming hall. The apartment, nestled in a serene location, is simply a catch if 1 BHK is what you desire.

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1 BHK Flats in Bhiwandi
2 BHK Flats In Thane Next


In our 2 BHK, you can live a life of comfort and peace. With spacious rooms and washrooms, the apartment is an absolute delight. The design of the apparent is focused on making it more and more spacious and free from congestion. Comfort and affordability are the key features here.

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3 BHK Flats Near Bhiwandi


Our 3 BHKs are exactly what a family needs for the nourishment from a home. This is why, the apartment is loaded with 3 spacious bedrooms, 4 comfortable bathrooms, a magnificent kitchen, and a luxurious Hall to welcome the guests that are about to pour in. This properly ventilated home is one of the show stoppers that gives you the experience of comfortable living.

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4 BHK Luxurious Flats In Bhiwandi For Sale


If luxury is what you desire, our 4 BHKs are your wish come true. Here you will get 4 spacious bedrooms with a lush and elegant ambiance and a good and classy office to spend your working hours with peace. The luxury, however, doesn't end at the design and infrastructure. The atmosphere at Ambika city is exactly your kind if you're one of those, fond of sophistication and elegance.