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Bhiwandi, the Next Real Estate Hotspot

May 10, 2021

Mumbai has always been a dream destination when it comes to prospective home buyers but over the years the city has turned crowded. With a large number of tech companies and other offices coming up in Mumbai, the city is overflowing with migrators with different part of the country. The rapid economic growth especially in this city has witnessed increase in the number of relocators. As the economy modernises, a large number of people has been moving from villages to towns and cities. However, the recent pandemic has seen a significant decrease in migrants as majority of them were seen moving to their own respective places. With people moving back to their native places, there is a large chunk of good quality ready to move-in properties available in Mumbai that are looking for buyers.

Speaking of people who have still managed to stick around in the city despite the pandemic, they are also considering buying home in the city. Having said that, it has been observed that Thane is opted as the favourite location for these potential homebuyers. Speaking of areas like Thane and Bhiwandi, these places have a lot to offer as a city, with clean air, multiple hospitals, greenery and easy proximity to Mumbai. With Metro plan shaping up, infrastructure development and residential projects in Bhiwandi has witnessed a steep rise. Once the metro line is up and running, one of the largest townships, Ambika City will be just 20 minutes away from the proposed Metro Station. Located a mere 15km from Thane, Karnani Ambika City is one of the best options to buy a home in Mumbai.

Ambika City is the proposed smart city project in Bhiwandi that offers one-of-a-kind luxury apartments of 1 BHK to 4 BHK. This new Bhiwandi property has a lot to offer such as:

-Residential projects in Bhiwandi are available at just 25% cost of the properties available in Thane.

-Ambika City is one of the brand-new residential projects in Bhiwandi that is spread over an area of 66 acres of land and have been loaded with some of the hand-picked amenities like wide open spaces, greenery, clubhouse, CBSE school, retail spaces, shopping malls etc.

-This is the only smart city project in Bhiwandi to use MIVAN technology to build earthquake resistant RCC structures of world class quality.

-Karnani Ambika City is offering exquisite villas at some of the best rates available at Bhiwandi which is near Thane.

-These luxury apartments are located at the footsteps of a hill that promises a green surrounding devoid of pollution.

-Seamless connectivity to Thane and Mumbai makes this project one of the most opted residential projects in Bhiwandi.

This smart city project in Bhiwandi is all set on the path of development of the city as a whole. Once the metro commences, the city will witness a great surge in price appreciation on these luxury apartments. Ambika City offers some of the best-in-class amenities, seamless connectivity, excellent location and homes at attractive rates. If you are thinking of buying a home for either investment or current or future use, this Bhiwandi property is your calling to a better, fuller and a healthier lifestyle choice.