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Your Dream house at: Ambika City

July 21, 2021

Everybody wants to have a bigger and a better house but what if you get to live in a house which is not just bigger, better but smarter too. At Ambika city, we have for you magnificent smart value apartments situated within one of India's largest textile industry Bhiwandi

If you've ever wished to live a life full with pleasure and always wanted to explore the greeniverse then you know Ambika City is the right choice. And if you haven’t? Then it’s your chance to explore one of the luxuries apartments in Bhiwandi, an apartment with more 53+ amenities. In India buying a property is very difficult especially a residential property because it isn't just about money rather it involves emotions and values of each member in the family, it becomes very difficult to find a house that meets every members need.

Properties like Ambika City doesn't come on the market every day, but when it does you shouldn't miss out the opportunity, one of its kind Ambika City offers you 2BHK and 3 BHK apartments at the heart of Bhiwandi, so if you are looking for a smart value house or for an investment property this place is pretty iconic - In India having your own house is a huge dream because it has a lot of emotions, memories and stories attached to it and with technology taking over everything why should we limit ourselves just to Siri and Alexa, the smart decision right now is to invest in a property - an apartment which is beautifully designed with more than 53+ amenities such as badminton court, cricket nets, world class- gymnasium and mini cycling zone. The mesmerizing green ambience gives a great atmosphere and a positive environment coupled with the convenience of everything because we believe luxury is affordable at Ambika city.

Ambika city offers you an affordable 1BHK and 2BHK within your budget without having to compromise your comfort, these smart value apartments have fine design with spacious bedrooms, luxurious kitchens and a warm welcoming hall, these apartments are situated at a serene location with a peaceful setting. The soothing environment and rejuvenating surroundings is what makes the location worth spending time at. If you wish to live a healthier lifestyle where you can breathe cleaner and fresh air then Ambika city is destination. We at Karnani builders make sure that our buyers are experiencing the quality of life that they wish for. If you are looking for a premium quality housing experience with all the world class amenities then come see what we have for you and experience what makes us don't just think smart, Live smart with Ambika City and Karnani builders.